Typeface Design

Adroit is a space-efficient condensed typeface for print at small sizes.

The Importance of Condensed Type

As a central concern of typography, readability can be an incredible challenge for small sizes. This is most often an issue when type is shrunken down to unreadable proportions. Whether the aim is to resist a line break, increase hierarchy, or maximize the available space, a typeface for small sizes must be carefully considered.

Recognizing the issues of small print, Adroit utilizes a condensed structure to optimize horizontal space. As a sans serif typeface, Adroit further minimizes space emphasizing the contrast of positive and negative space in its glyphs. With highly compact glyphs, a longer series of characters is now able to fit into a smaller horizontal space thus allowing the content to increase to a larger size.

Micro Versions

Unlike digital implementations which afford magnification and resizing, print applications are set. Beyond just using space efficiently, Adroit is adaptable to a variety of sizes. In order to account for the natural spread of ink through the printing process, Adroit includes ink traps at small sizes to maintain crisp edges.

Adroit |ə'droit|

adjective clever or skillful in using the hands or mind

Key Features

Tall x-height and shorter ascenders / descenders provide even counter space for tight letter spacing with minimal leading.

Cross bar of A and loop of P are lowered to provide even counter space.

Overshoots and undershoots provide optical balance.

Merging angular strokes with stems simplify intersections.

Short reaching arms and terminals keep typeface tight.

Lowercase f utilizes a descender to differentiate between uppercase counterpart.

Straightened spine of S maximizes whitespace and minimizes overall width.

Diagonal strokes are proportionally thinner to appear optically even.

Typeface includes various alternate characters for humanistic differentiation.

Alternate characters can be use for stylization or functional purposes.

Various ligatures are available to further tighten spacing.

When working with type in small print applications, it is important to choose a typeface which efficiently utilizes the constraint of the space. Adroit, as a condensed typeface, has been concertedly designed to effectively promote readability at small sizes through an emphasis on balancing positive and negative space of each character.

Including features of ink traps, alternate characters, and a overall condensed glyph width, Adroit is designed with space in mind.

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