Beginner's Guide to Seasoning
Package Design

Addressing the concerns of young adults with little cooking experience, Beginner's Guide to Seasoning aims to release the untapped potential people have to get more flavour in their foods. The visual system uses an approachable colour scheme to differentiate each spice, encouraging exploration and experimentation with cooking.

Bundled together in groups, each individual herb or spices is housed within a sample sized container. With bright colours, people new to cooking have a clear system for identifying each seasoning and begin association with their smells and texture.

Unravelling the bundle reveals one of the curated recipes which incorporates each of the seasonings found in the bundle. Unitizing every part of the packaging, the back of the package can be repurposed as an index card for notes.

The containers function on a discrete axis. Lifting up the lid reveals four faces which can be used to either sprinkle or pour its contents.

It is all about getting started in a fun and approachable way. With an expansive set of sample size containers, Beginner's Guide to Seasoning gives you a little taste of everything. Slowly improving and trying out new recipes with an ever increasing set of bundles, you can mix and mingle what works for you.

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